Why choose AASOKA for your school?

Blended Teaching-Learning

School Management System

to ensure smooth school operations every day
  • Centralises school data for quick access
  • Simplifies fee collection and financial management
  • Enhanced collaboration among admin, teachers, students & parents
Easy School Management

Learning Management System

to create richer classrooms with digital tools and print resources
  • Merges traditional and tech-based learning solutions
  • Personalises school education for diverse learning needs
  • Adapts teaching for modern learners using AI
Insights with AI

AI-Integrated Learning

to personalise learning and support student progress
  • Adaptive Al tools for personalised assessments
  • Tracks progress and predicts future growth
  • Tech-based learning solutions for analyzing real-time data
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Empowers Schools



AASOKA makes teaching simple for school teachers with digital classroom solutions for students' needs for immersive learning with digital tools for all learning needs available at the fingertips.

  • Digital classrooms for engagement and classroom management
  • NEP 2020 & NCF-aligned books and lesson plans
  • AI analytics for student progress
  • Faculty development programs and training sessions with experts


Students of the 21st-century world need the best digital learning solution to thrive in the global world. Hence, AASOKA provides them with advanced learning experiences.

  • Multidisciplinary curriculum for holistic development
  • Ebooks, multimedia resources and experiential learning modules
  • Outcome-based learning as per NEP 2020
  • Theme-based foundational learning kits

School Management

With AASOKA, school administrators don’t just handle tasks, they make smart decisions with:

  • Statistical analysis for enrolment, academics, and resources
  • Instant report generation for financial management
  • Simplified process for admissions
  • All-in-One management system
Student Teacher

Parent Empowerment

AASOKA offers a user-friendly interface that effortlessly simplifies the experience for parents by offering:

  • Real-time updates of events and notifications
  • Easy attendance tracking with daily updates
  • Prompt performance reports to give insights into academic progress
  • Single platform to connect easily with school/teachers

We cover 17 subjects across 17 boards

17 Boards

17 Subjects

Make your school stand out as the top choice in your area with our effective digital learning solutions.

  • Daily Task Calendar
  • Digital Flash Cards
  • Ask a Question
  • Gamified Learning
  • Exam Report
  • AI in Education

AASOKA Books for 21st-Century Learning (K-12)

iOS & Android
Android & iPad
All Browsers
  • NEP 2020, NCF Compliant
  • Inclusive, Diverse and Engaging Content
  • Real-world Relevance
  • Magical Adventures for the Pre-primary (Disney Learning)
Google Play App Store
Book Disney

Our Awards


Outstanding Digital Education Platform Provider of the Year 2024 by ARDORCOMM Media


10 Most Promising Education Mobile Apps 2023 by siliconindia magazine


India's Most Trusted Brand Awards 2023 by IBC, USA


Outstanding EdTech Solution Provider of the Year 2024 by Universal Mentors Association

AASOKA's School Partners in Learning

Hear What Our Schools Have to Say

MGM Public School
Anand Sharma

The ability to access course materials & submit assignments, has made learning more convenient and flexible. It also helps me stay organized with my coursework. It has become an invaluable resource in my studies.

Moon Stone International School
Devendra Pandey

When I attempt a quiz, I get to know where I need to improve. It is also convenient when I can find all the homework in one place and on time.

Bal Sadan Public School
Shahzad Alam

Visual Content has proven to be very impactful for me. Be it Scientific theories or Mathematical tricks, video lectures help me remember, effortlessly. Live session on it from the teacher further deepens my understanding. Much of my time is being saved, I get ample time for self-study now.

Don Bosco Mission School
Ankit Triphati

My exam phobia is almost vanished by now. The quality assessment and quizzes that are scheduled from time to time, and the analytics of my own performance: Tests have become more of a stimulating challenge I wait for.

Kids Gurukul
Brinda Goradia

It is so easy to create a progress report for each student. I can also see how much the students have understood and where they need help.

Tagore School
Vandana Tewari

AASOKA has made me look forward to making lesson plans. I always enjoy finding out what resources I can use to make lessons for my students more fun and interactive.

Divine Child Academy
Tania Joshi

The Internet is brimming with content. I had to put lots of effort to reach authentic sources. With ALTS Digital Library, I am assured of the genuine content at hand. I feel myself to be a learner every time.

Shikhar Academy
Anu Singh

Apart from the fact that students started taking great interest in their subjects, one remarkable change is the development of a self-competitive spirit. Students analyze their weak and strong areas, looking at their detailed reports, and they themselves initiate working on them, with the help of lecture recordings and practice tests available.


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