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Online Classes

Students have the leverage to study and understand the concept at their own pace.

Adaptive Practice

Students can practice frequently with various assessments which will help in getting a clear and detailed understanding of the concept.

Mock Tests

Realistic tests to be done within a limited time period providing a real experience of facing exams and precise assessments.

Live Doubts

Students can clear their doubts online with our experts.

About Us

The AASOKA Platform and App developed by MBD Group makes available to students high-quality study material in the form of e-books, audio lessons, video lessons and online assessments and assignments that help them focus on studies in a constructive and interesting manner. The lessons feature insights from books authored by various erudite, experienced and reputed academicians. We cater to the need of school students by offering them educational content for all classes, ranging from Kindergarten to Class 12. The content for Grades 11 and 12 covers material for all streams of studies: Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science) including Mathematics; Commerce (Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics) and Humanities (History, Political Science, Psychology, Physical Education, etc.). The Science-stream content for Grades 11 and 12 is aligned with JEE and NEET to facilitate students’ exam readiness for these entrance exams.

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Video-Based Content

Students are able to understand the concept much more clearly with the help of videos rather than studying via lectures. Videos engage the students' attention, which in turn enhances the students' achievements.

Regular Tests and Practice

Practice and mock tests at the end of each chapter help students to assess their performance. It also assists in enhancing the critical thinking ability of students and building up their understanding of core concepts.

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Detailed analysis is provided to students thus helping them to fill in the voids in their weak zones.

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We Cover Almost Everything

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All Subjects

Courses Available

KG to Class X

CBSE | ICSE | State Boards

    Focus on conceptual learning with personalised learning programmes

  • Mastery of concepts through personalised learning journeys
  • Engaging video lessons
  • Application and simulation games to guide experiential learning
  • Programmes tailored to every student’s learning speed and need

CLASSES 11 - 12


    Ensure a smart prep with adaptive learning for competitive exams

  • Visualisation of topics helps students retain heavy concepts and terminologies
  • Shortcut techniques for better time management and cracking complex questions
  • Specific programmes to help students prepare for competitive exams like JEE & NEET


K-12 | Competitive | Higher Education

    Select from a vast range of Books for all categories

  • Books for all subjects
  • Books for all grades
  • Books for various Boards
  • Books in regional languages
  • Books by renowned authors

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MBD launches Aasoka, a new app
MBD launches Aasoka, a new app
Aasoka student app
Aasoka learning app

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