NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 11 - International Trade

Question 1:

Trade between two countries is termed as:

  1. Internal trade
  2. International trade
  3. External trade
  4. Local trade

(d) Local trade

Question 2:

Which one of the following is a land locked harbour?

  1. Vishakhapatnam
  2. Ennor
  3. Mumbai
  4. Haldia

(a) Vishakhapatnam

Question 3:

Most of India’s foreign trade is carried through:

  1. Land and sea
  2. Sea and air
  3. Land and air
  4. Sea

(b) Sea and air

Question 4:

Mention the characteristics of India’s foreign trade.


(i) India’s foreign trade is continuously increasing, (ii) Most of India’s foreign trade is by sea, (iii) India has unfavourable balance of trade, (iv) It has a share of 10% in world trade, (v) In Import trade, the import of Petroleum products is increasing while in Exports, the export of manufactured goods is increasing.

Question 5:

Distinguish between Port and Harbour.


Question 6:

Explain the meaning of Hinterland.


Hinterland is an area which is connected with the port by Rail-Road transportation. It provides raw materials for export while imports are distributed in this area.

Question 7:

Name important items which India imports from different countries.


Petroleum and petroleum products are the major imports of India. Other imports include machinery, Non-metallic minerals, pearls and valuable gems, non-ferrous metals, pulp, paper, edible oil, fertilisers, etc.

Question 8:

Name the ports of India located on the east coast.


Kolkata, Haldia, Paradip, Vishakhapatnam, Ennore, Chennai, Tuticorin are the major ports on the east coast of India.

Question 9:

Describe the composition of export and import trade of India.


Imports. The major imports of India are:

(i) Petroleum and petroleum products,
(ii) Machinery, (iii) Pearls-Gems, (iv) Gold-silver,
(v) Chemical products, (vi) Fertilisers, (vii) Pulp-paper, (viii) Non-ferrous metals, (ix) Pulses.
Exports. (i) Engineering goods, (ii) Chemical products, (iii) Gems ornaments, (iv) Garments,
(v) Petroleum products, (vi) Agricultural products,
(vii) Electronic goods, (viii) Leather.

Question 10:

Write a note on the changing nature of International trade of India.

  1. India’s international trade is continuously increasing.
  2. The share of Agricultural and allied products is decreasing.
  3. The imports of Petroleum products is increasing.
  4. The exports of coffee, tea, spices is decreasing.
  5. Export of fresh fruits, sugar has increased.
  6. The share of manufactured goods has increased in exports.
  7. The export of engineering goods has increased.
  8. Share of Gems-pearls and ornaments in exports has increased.