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Online learning is offering many benefits to students and teachers alike. However, it has come with a new set of challenges for both. Though it provides convenience and flexibility, teachers can face some challenges as well, especially if they are new to online teaching. So here are some tips that are followed by teachers on any learning platform in India that helps them overcome these challenges.

Engaging Students

This is one of the most common problems during online classes. Online learning is a new learning method for students; hence, it becomes hard for teachers to engage students in online teaching. Since they learn from their homes, they get distracted quickly and lose concentration, even in live sessions. However, teachers from any leading online learning platform in India understand that online learning can be made interesting with various learning tools and assessment methods. Making the best use of these tools can keep your students engaged.

Passive Students

Online teaching can turn students into passive learners as they often find applying what they have learned in real-life situations difficult. They may be unable to connect themselves with the materials as they need a lot of instruction to absorb the new material fully. But you can make online teaching effective by giving them an in-depth learning experience online. Remember that your students will engage with the course materials only when they find it useful.

Hence, make sure you help them participate with content so that it makes sense to them and provides flexibility. Give them opportunities to have concepts reinforced and ensure the availability of course materials online so that they can refresh what they have learned and apply them in real-life scenarios.

Communication Challenges

Online learning requires communication from both sides. Teachers should be able to communicate with all students effectively and vice versa. Allow them to come up with doubts to get them clarified. So make sure you ask them to unmute the microphone only when they speak, talk directly to the students, account for audio delays, and keep things professional.

Lack of Tech Knowledge

To resolve this problem, schools should be particular about choosing user-friendly platforms to help their teachers. They may also provide training to teachers who are not well-versed in handling these tools. They can also provide tech support to these teachers if they are stuck somewhere. Ensure you have the essential devices like a PC, web access and other related stuff to make things easier.

Time Challenge

Students do not keep up the time when attending online classes. They do not follow a schedule in online learning. So, it is your duty as a teacher to ensure time commitment. So, use a friendly tone to communicate with them and establish a rapport. You may also set reminders for assignments and projects and send them a week before the submission deadline. Remember that you do not have to be rude to bring discipline.

To Wrap Up

Now that you know the challenges, the above tips will help you handle the challenges effectively and make online teaching a hassle-free experience both for you and your students.


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