NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Geography Chapter 15 - Latitude, Longitude and Time

Question 1:

Which are the two natural points of reference on the Earth?


North pole and South pole.

Question 2:

What is a great circle?


A circle which divides the earth into two equal parts.

Question 3:

What are co-ordinates?


Latitudes and Longitude.

Question 4:

Why does the sun appear to be moving from East to West?


Due to rotation of earth from West to East.

Question 5:

What is meant by local time?


It is the time of its own meridian.

Question 6:

Distinguish between latitudes and longitudes.

  1. A small to medium sized shallow depression
  2. A landform whose opening is more or less circular at the top and funnel shaped towords bottom.
  3. A landform formed due to dripping water from surface.
  4. An irregular surface with sharp Pinnacles grooves and ridges.