NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Geography Chapter 25 - Structure and Physiography

Question 1:

In which part of Himalayas do we find the Karewa formation?

  1. North-eastern Himalayas
  2. Himachal-Uttaranchal Himalayas
  3. Eastern Himalayas
  4. Kashmir Himalayas

(d). Kashmir Himalayas

Question 2:

In which of the following states Loktak lake situated?

  1. Kerala
  2. Uttarakhand
  3. Manipur
  4. Rajasthan

(c). Manipur

Question 3:

Which one of the water bodies separates the Andaman from the Nicobar?

  1. 11° Channel
  2. Gulf of Mannar
  3. 10° Channel
  4. Andaman Sea

(c). 10° Channel

Question 4:

On which of the following hill ranges is the ‘Dodabeta’ peak situated?

  1. Nilgiri hills
  2. Anaimalai hills
  3. Cardamom hills
  4. Nallamala hills

(a). Nilgiri hills

Question 5:

If a person is to travel to Lakshadweep, from which coastal plain will be prefer to travel and why?


Lakshadweep islands are situated in Arabian sea. To go to Lakshadweep, one has to travel from Malabar coastal plains. Lakshadweep is located at a distance of 280 kms. from Kerala. So it is closest to Lakshadweep.

Question 6:

Where in India you will find a cold desert? Name some important ranges of this region.


Ladakh, located in the northernmost part of India is a cold desert. The rainfall here is low and falls in the form of snowfall. Karakoram, great Himalayas (Zanskar) and Ladakh ranges are important.

Question 7:

Why is the Western Coastal plain devoid of any delta?


Western coastal plain is a narrow strip. The Narmada and Tapi rivers fall into Arabian sea on this coast. Due to steep slope of this plain, the sediments are washed away to the sea. The sediments are not deposited by river. So a delta is not formed but an estuary is formed.

Question 8:

Make a comparison of the islands groups of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.



Question 9:

What are the important geomorphological features found in the River Valley plains?


Sand bars, meanders, oxbow lakes, and braided channels.

Question 10:

If you travel from Badrinath to Sunderbans delta along the course of the Ganga river, what major geomorphological features will you cone across?


Ganga River rises near Badrinath and falls into Bay of Bangal in Sunderbans. On its way, you will cross Bhabar Terai, Khadar, Bangar, upper Ganga plain, middle Ganga plain and Delta.