NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 22 - The Advantures of Toto

Question 1:

How does Toto come to Grandfather’s private zoo ?


Grandfather bought Toto from a tonga-driver. The tonga-driver used to keep the monkey tied to a feeding-trough. The monkey looked out of place there. Grandfather bought it for five rupees. He decided to keep it in his private zoo.

Question 2:

‘Toto was a pretty monkey.’ In what sense is Toto pretty ?


Toto has bright eyes. They have in them a sparkle of mischief. Toto has pearly white teeth. His tail further adds to his good looks.

Question 3:

Why does Grandfather take Toto to Saharanpur and how ? Why does the ticket collector insist on calling Toto a dog ?


Toto does not let the other pets sleep at night. So Grandfather carries him to Saharanpur. He carries Toto in a canvas kit-bag. The ticket collector calls Toto a dog because there was no separate rule for monkeys.

Question 4:

How does Toto take a bath ? Where has he learnt to do this ?


Toto first tests the temperature of water in the bowl. Then he gradually steps into it. He goes neck deep into the water. Then he rubs himself with soap. He has learnt all this by watching the author.

Question 5:

How does Toto almost boil himself alive ?


One day Toto gets into a large kettle. It was kept on the fire to boil water for tea. Toto found the water quite warm for a bath. Soon the water began to boil. Toto raised himself a little. He found it was cold outside. He sat down again. He continued hopping up and down for some time. By chance Grandmother came there. She at once pulled Toto out of the kettle. He was half-boiled.

Question 6:

Why does the author say, “Toto was not the sort of pet we could keep for long.” ?


Toto was in the habit of spoiling things. He would break dishes and spoil clothes. He would tear curtains and wallpaper. When any of the author’s aunts came near him, he would try to tear her dress. So the author thought Toto could not be kept for long.

Question 7:

Where was Toto kept immediately after Grandfather got him ? Why ?


Toto was kept in a closet. It was tied securely to a peg. This was done to keep the monkey’s presence a secret from the writer’s grandmother. She always made a fuss when Grandfather brought home some new bird or animal.

Question 8:

How did Toto get along with other animals ?


Toto was kept in a big cage along with other animals. He did not allow any of his companions to sleep at night. He also did not get along well with the family donkey, Nana.

Question 9:

What did Toto do with the dish of pullao ?


One day a large dish of pullao was kept in the centre of the dining table. Toto started stuffing himself with rice. He ran away with the dish when Grandfather arrived there. Grandmother screamed at him. He threw the plate at her. It broke into many pieces.

Question 10:

Why was Toto sold back to the tonga-driver ?


The writer’s family was not well-to-do. They could not afford the loss of dishes, clothes, curtains and wallpapers on regular basis. So Toto was sold back to the tonga-driver.

Question 11:

Why did Grandfather decide to include the monkey in his private zoo ?


The tonga-driver kept the monkey tied to a feeding-trough. The monkey looked out of place there.
So Grandfather decided to include him in his private zoo.

Question 12:

How did Toto behave when he was put in a closet ?


Toto tore off the wallpaper. He pulled off the peg in the wall from its socket. The writer’s school blazer had been hanging there. He tore it to pieces.

Question 13:

Describe how Toto took a bath during winter evenings.


During winter evenings, Grandmother gave Toto a large bowl of warm water for his bath. Toto very cleverly tested the temperature of the water with his hand. He then gradually stepped into the bowl. He would put first one foot, then the other until he was into the water up to the neck. He then took the soap in his hands or feet. He rubbed himself all over with it. When the water became cold, he got out. Then he ran as quickly as he could to the kitchenfire. He dried himself there. Toto had seen the writer taking bath. Thus he had learnt to copy him accordingly.

Question 14:

Toto was an adventurous monkey. How did he nearly boil himself alive ? How was he saved ?


One day, a large kitchen kettle had been left on the fire. It had water to boil for tea. Toto had nothing to do. He removed the lid. He found the water just warm enough for a bath. So he got inside. His head was sticking out from the open kettle. For a while, it was fine but soon the water began to boil. Toto raised himself a little. But it was cold outside. So he sat down again. He continued to hop up and down for some time. Then Grandmother arrived. She pulled him out of the kettle. Toto was nearly half-boiled.