NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 10 - Trees

Question 1:

What are the games or human activities which use trees or in which trees also ‘participate’?


Trees participate in the activities like swinging, hide and seek, bird watching, climbing, etc.

Question 2:

“Trees are to make no shade in winter.” What does this mean? (Contrast this line with the line immediately before it.)


Trees do not obstruct the sun's rays in winters as there are no leaves in them. This allows free flow of light and warmth. Whereas in summers, trees provide cool shade due to presence of leaves in them.

Question 3:

“Trees are for apples to grow on, or pears.” Do you agree that one purpose of a tree is to have fruit on it? Or do you think this line is humorous?


I agree that one of the many purposes of a tree is to have fruits on it.

Question 4:

With the help of your partner, try to rewrite some lines in the poem or add new ones of your own as in the following examples:
Trees are for birds to build nests in.
Trees are for people to sit under.