NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 22 - The Old-Clock Shop

Question 1:

What made Ray think the visitor was not really a shopper?


Ray was an experienced man. His years of experience told him that the visitor was not really a shopper.

Question 2:

Why do you think he had come to the shop?


The visitor had not come to the shop with an intention of buying anything from Ray. He was probably carrying a gun and wanted to rob Ray.

Question 3:

How did Ray communicate with him?


Ray was deaf and dumb. He communicated with the visitor by writing notes on his notepad.

Question 4:

What do you think the man said to his friend who waited at the door?


The older man informed the young man that the owner was deaf.

Question 5:

Ray was not a pawnbroker. Why then did he lend money to people in exchange for their old watches and clocks?


Ray was a kind-hearted man. He couldn't say ‘No’ to the needy. He helped them as much as possible and paid them more than he should have.

Question 6:

“The watch was nothing special and yet had great powers.” In what sense did it have great powers?


The watch was very ordinary. It suggested Ray that the man was needy and needed his help. He, therefore, asked him how much money he needed for the watch. It was the watch that helped the old man change his mind.

Question 7:

Do you think the man would ever come back to pick-up the watch?


Yes, the man would surely come back to pick up the watch. This is because he understood that Ray was kind to him. He had given him more than the worth of the watch.

Question 8:

When did “the unfriendly face” of the visitor turn truly friendly?


When Ray and the visitor shook hands, the unfriendly face of the visitor turned friendly. The visitor realised that Ray had given him more than the worth of his watch only because he understood that he needed the money.