NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 25 - The Wonder Called Sleep

Question 1:

What is the most obvious advantage of sleep?


Sleep helps our body to recover from fatigue caused by normal day-to-day activities.

Question 2:

What happens to our body when we sleep?


When we sleep, our muscles relax. Our heart beat becomes slower. Our body temperature and blood pressure also go down. We often dream during our sleep.

Question 3:

Define a dream in your own words.


When we sleep, all the images, ideas, emotions and sensations we feel is dream.

Question 4:

Why are dreams important? Mention two reasons.


Dreams can help us to sleep through noise and disturbances and dreams often reveal a lot about our problems.

Question 5:

Why has sleep been called a wonder?


Sleep is called a wonder because after a good sleep we become more and more alert and active.
We become ready for the normal activities of the day.

Question 6:

Describe briefly to the class an improbable dream you have ever had.


One night I dreamt that I had won a jackpot worth two crores. With that amount, we bought a house and a car. We were going to Delhi in our car. When suddenly, the driver applied the brakes. The car stopped with a jerk. I was startled and got up to find myself in my bed, dreaming.

Question 7:

Grandmothers and mothers sing nice little songs while rocking little ones to sleep. Such a song is called a 'lullaby'. Do you remember a lullaby in your own language? Tell the class in English what the lullaby says.


My mother used to sing me a lullaby when I was a baby. The song is so beautiful that I still ask her to sing it for me sometimes. It is sung in Hindi. Lullabies calm and comfort the babies when they are stressed. It provides them with a sense of security. The lullaby which my grandmother sings tells me how much she cares for me.