NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Poem 3 - A Tiger in the Zoo

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In the poem, “A Tiger in the Zoo”, the poet, Leslie Norris, compares the life of a tiger trapped in a zoo to a tiger living in its natural habitat. The poet mentions how a tiger in a zoo moved in a limited space whereas the tiger living in a natural habitat moved freely in the jungle.

Question 1:

Find the words that describe the movements and actions of the tiger in the cage and in the wild. Arrange them in two columns.


Question 2:

Find the words that describe the two places, and arrange them in two columns.


Question 3:

Notice the use of a word repeated in lines such as these :

  1. On pads of velvet quiet, In his quiet rage.
  2. And stares with his brilliant eyes At the brilliant stars.

At the brilliant stars.
What do you think is the effect of this repetition ?

  1. The repetition increases the intensity of the tiger’s rage and his helpless silence.
  2. Brilliant eyes and brilliant stars create an image of the tiger looking up to heaven for some answer.