NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Poem 9 - Fog

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Written by Carl Sandburg, the “Fog” is a poem that consists of only one stanza. Through this poem, the poet is trying to depict the fog that is silently approaching just like a cat. And similarly, it disappears just like a cat silently and steadily moves from one place to another.

Question 1:

What does Sandburg think the fog is like ?


He thinks it is like a cat.

Question 2:

How does the fog come ?


It comes as silently as a cat does.

Question 3:

What does ‘it’ in the third line refer to ?


The word ‘it’ here refers to the fog.

Question 4:

Does the poet actually say that the fog is like a cat ? Find three things that tell us that the fog is like a cat.


Yes, the poet says that the fog is like a cat.

  1. It comes quietly like a cat.
  2. It stays for some time like a cat looking all around.
  3. Then it moves on quietly like a cat.
Question 5:

Does this poem have a rhyme-scheme ?


This poem has no rhyme-scheme. It is in blank verse.

Question 6:

Find metaphors for the following words and complete the table below. Also try to say how they are alike. The first is done for you.


2. Train; tradition; runs on fixed rails.

3. Fire; serpent; makes a hissing sound.

4. School; temple; teaches noble things of life.

5. Home; shelter; saves from the vagaries of weather.