NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 5 - Footprints without Feet

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In the story “Footprints Without Feet”, there is an erratic scientist by the name of Griffin who discovers a major drug that could make human beings invisible. However, instead of putting this theory to a good cause, he misused it. He did various things that must not be done, including setting the house of his landlord on fire because he was asked to empty the house, robbing clothes from the stores, stealing money, and so much more. Also, when the constable was trying to arrest Griffin for causing the entire nuisance, he escaped and was untraceable. This story tells how an erratic scientist misused a drug that could have benefitted society.

Question 1:

How did the invisible man first become visible ?


The invisible man entered the shop of a theatrical company. He found there clothes for himself. He also found things to hide his empty face. He found bandages to wear round his forehead. He found dark glasses, a false nose and a large hat. Thus he became fully visible.

Question 2:

Why was he wandering the streets ?


He had set fire to his landlord’s house. He had to remove his clothes so that he could not be seen. Thus he became homeless and started wandering the streets.

Question 3:

Why does Mrs Hall find the scientist eccentric ?


The scientist has come to the inn in winter. Nobody comes there at that time of the year. He always wears bandages on his forehead. He never talks to anyone. That is why Mrs Hall thinks him to be an eccentric scientist.

Question 4:

What curious episode occurs in the study ?


The clergyman and his wife hear noises in their study. They hear the chink of money. They open the door. They find nobody there. But the money is missing. Thus it is a curious thing.

Question 5:

What other extraordinary things happen at the inn ?


Mrs Hall can see no one in the room. Yet she hears a sniff close to her ear. Then a hat leaps up and dashes into her face. Then a chair rises up in the air. It forces both Mrs Hall and her husband out of the room.

Question 6:

‘Griffin was rather a lawless person.’ Comment.


Griffin set the house of his landlord on fire. He stole things from shops. He hit the shopkeeper and stole his money. He stole the clergyman’s money. He hit the constable also. All these were illegal acts.

Question 7:

How would you assess Griffin as a scientist ?


What experiments did Griffin carry out ? What was the final result of these experiments ?


As a scientist, Griffin was successful. He wanted to prove that the human body could become invisible. He did many experiments. At last, he discovered a rare drug. It could make the human body as transparent as glass.