NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Chapter 10 - The Book that Saved the Earth

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“The Book that Saved the Earth” is a play which is written by Claire Bioko. The play is set in the twentieth century. In this, there are Martian living beings that live in an imaginary world. The characters of the Martian include Omega, Noodle, Oop, Think Tank, etc. They all reached a library which is on the planet, Earth. In the library, they came across a book of rhymes that they thought to be a danger. This book led them to immediately flee from the earth. The play shows how the planet earth was saved from the Martian invasion.

Question 1:

Why was the twentieth century called the ‘Era of the Book’ ?


In twentieth century, there were books about everything. There were books on all subjects — men as well as animals. There were books on all kinds of art. Books taught people the how, when, where and why of things. That was why the twentieth century was called the ‘Era of the Book’.

Question 2:

Who tried to invade the earth in the twenty-first century ?


The Martians tried to invade the earth in 2040. A manned space probe was sent to the earth from Mars Space Control. Mighty Think-Tank was the ruler of Mars at that time.

Question 3:

What guesses did Think-Tank make about the books found on earth ? How did Noodle manage to correct him without offending him ?


First of all, Think-Tank said that books were sandwiches. Noodle suggested that the Earthlings used them not as food, but as a communication device. Think-Tank wanted Captain Omega to put a sandwich to her ear and listen. Noodle suggested that the Earthlings did not listen to sandwiches. They simply opened them and watched them. Then Think-Tank ordered Captain Omega to pick up a colourful sandwich lying there, and tell him what she observed in it. Clearly, Noodle is far wiser than Think-Tank. But he avoids offending him because Think-Tank was the ruler of Mars and was a conceited fellow.

Question 4:

Noodle avoids offending Think-Tank, but at the same time, he corrects his mistakes. How does he manage to do that ?


Noodle is far wiser than Think-Tank. He avoids offending him because Think-Tank is the ruler of Mars. He knows that Think-Tank is a conceited fellow. He thinks himself to be the most intelligent creature in the whole universe. So Noodle always takes care not to offend Think-Tank’s vanity. He makes his suggestions in a very polite manner. He calls them ‘insignificant’. When Think-Tank takes books for sandwiches, it is Noodle who corrects him. He says that the Earthlings didn’t eat them. They used them as a communication device. He again corrects him by saying that the Earthlings did not listen to them. They opened them and watched them. It is again Noodle who suggests that the space people should take vitamins to increase their intelligence. But every time, he uses such phrases as ‘Forgive me, your Cleverness’ or ‘Please, excuse me, your Brilliance’.

Question 5:

If you were in Noodle’s place, how would you handle Think Tank’s mistakes ?


If I were in Noodle’s place, I too would correct Think Tank’s mistakes by suggesting to him the right ways quite humbly. You can make a fool agree with you only in a very patient and polite manner.

Question 6:

Do you think books are being replaced by the electronic media ? Can we do away with books altogether ?


Yes, the electronic media has taken upon itself the job that was entirely done by books earlier. Because of deforestation, the scarcity of paper has been becoming more severe with the passage of time. In addition, now the people want to increase their knowledge at their own convenient time and their own convenient place. Electronic books come as a great help to the people. There are now even electronic teachers. Many universities conduct classes on every subject on the TV screen. Even in elections, now people can vote electronically, thus saving thousands of tons of valuable paper. But we must admit that books have their own charm. They are much more portable and can be read and enjoyed at any time, at any place. Books are also an economical means of attaining knowledge. Many poor people are unable to afford costlier electronic gadgets. For these reasons, books cannot be done away with altogether, but electronic media can work as a complementary tool.

Question 7:

Why are books referred to as man’s best companion ? Which is your favourite book and why ? Write a paragraph about that book.


Books are man’s best companions because they never leave him alone. They not only guide him, but also motivate him by telling him about the great people and their great works. I have read many books. But the book that I like the most is the ‘Gita’. It is a religious book of the Hindus. But my liking for it is not based on religion only. It has a very rich philosophy. It teaches us that man should work hard. He should not worry about the result. God certainly rewards us for our work. Good work always leads to good results. So a man should only mind his work. He should leave the rest to God. I like this philosophy very much. The ‘Gita’ teaches us about the immortality of soul also. I get peace of mind by reading this book.